Something Special is a TV show aimed at 3 to 7 year olds with special needs. It features Justin Fletcher teaching sign language, Mr Tumble, also played by Justin and a clown and many other Tumbles played by Justin. The original series had Justin in a studio with a few toys, then in Out and About, some children came to
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Mr Tumble!

join the hunt for 3 special things that suit the episode's theme. For example: in an episode about counting farm animals, Justin and the kids had to look for 1 lamb, 2 chicks and 3 piglets. Finally, We're All Friends had a few updates to the hello and goodbye songs, and instead of searching, they used a special tablet, a Tumble Tap, decorated to look like Mr Tumble. Like many CBeebies shows, Mr Tumble has his own line of merchandise such as a talking plush, spotty bags and even a line of personalised greetings cards! This series runned from August 9, 2004 to February 10, 2012.


Series 1: 2004 Edit

Series 1
Episode First broadcast Title Details
1 9 August 2004 Pets
2 10 August 2004 Weather
3 11 August 2004 Moving
4 12 August 2004 Garden
5 13 August 2004 Farm
6 16 August 2004 Toys
7 17 August 2004 Clothes
8 18 August 2004 School
9 19 August 2004 Food
10 20 August 2004 Family
11 23 August 2004 Transport
12 24 August 2004 Colours
13 25 August 2004 All About Me
14 26 August 2004 Food Part 2
15 27 August 2004 Under the Sea
16 30 August 2004 Jungle Animals
17 31 August 2004 Where I Live
18 1 September 2004 Shops
19 2 September 2004 What I Like
20 3 September 2004 Music

Series 2: 2005 Edit

Series 2
Episode First broadcast Title Details Written by
1 4 July 2005 Birds
2 5 July 2005 Meals
3 6 July 2005 Toys 2
4 7 July 2005 Animals
5 8 July 2005 Nursery Rhymes and Songs 1
6 11 July 2005 Mini Beasts
7 12 July 2005 Birthday
8 13 July 2005 Under, On and In
9 14 July 2005 Holiday
10 15 July 2005 Nursery Rhymes and Songs 2
11 18 July 2005 Vegetables
12 19 July 2005 Seasons
13 20 July 2005 Shapes
14 21 July 2005 Clothes
15 22 July 2005 Nursery Rhymes and Songs 3
16 25 July 2005 Baby
17 26 July 2005 Doctor
18 27 July 2005 Art
19 28 July 2005 Opposites
20 29 July 2005 Nursery Rhymes and Songs 4
21 1 August 2005 How Do I Feel?
22 2 August 2005 Baby Animals
23 3 August 2005 People Who Help Us
24 4 August 2005 The Park
25 5 August 2005 Nursery Rhymes and Songs 5

Series 3: 2006 Edit

Series 3
Episode First broadcast Title Details
01/15 11 September 2006 Farm Justin meets his friends Samantha and Ernie on a farm just outside Belfast.

Friends: Ernie Bhatia-Catterall & Samantha Srivastava-Davies

02/15 16 September 2006 Wood Justin is off to explore a wood, but first he must find his friends Leah and Aidan.

Friends: Aidan Malhotra-Power & Leah Somani-Griffiths

03/15 17 September 2006 Harbour
04/15 18 September 2006 Theme Park Justin travels to a theme park to meet his friend Nell. They plan to go on three rides.

Friend: Nell Wadhwa-Jones

05/15 23 September 2006 Stables Justin visits stables in Northern Ireland and meets his friends Michael and Natasha.

Friends: Natasha Agarwal-O'Connell & Michael Tiwari-Holden

06/15 24 September 2006 Mountain Justin, Jack and Jack's teacher are walking up Mount Snowdon. Mr Tumble is on a walk, too.

Friend: Jack Bharath

07/15 25 September 2006 Vet Justin meets his friend Savannah, her sister Cheyenne and their guinea pig at the vet.

Friends: Savannah & Cheyenne Kohli-Collins

08/15 30 September 2006 High Street Justin is in Enniskillen in Northern Ireland to meet his friends Bridget and Gary.

Friends: Gary Dhaliwal-Rosewell & Bridget Vimalan-Taylor

09/15 2 October 2006 Beach It is a sunny day and Justin is at the beach with his friends Sophie and Chloe.

Friends: Sophie Lakhani-Mason & Chloe Jindal-McDowell

10/15 7 October 2006 School Justin goes to school to meet Noor, who's in the hydrotherapy pool. She has fun splashing.

Friend: Noor Singh Kaur

11/15 9 October 2006 Railway Justin arrives at a railway station to meet his friends, Callum, Daniel and Miriam.

Friends: Callum Kamalan-Roberts, Daniel Bharathi-Bates & Miriam Mohan-Marshall

12/15 15 October 2006 Market Justin visits a market in Belfast with Ross and his family. Ross has a shopping list.

Friends: Ross & Kai Mudgal-Cullen and their parents

13/15 21 October 2006 Football Justin visits Craven Cottage to meet his friends Curtis and Lilly-Sue.

Friends: Curtis Anand-Harris & Lily-Sue Gowda-Griffin

14/15 28 October 2006 Camping Justin is at a campsite in the New Forest where he meets his friend Harry and his family.

Friends: Ellie, Lewis & Harry Wadhwa-Boswell and their parents

15/15 29 October 2006 Castle Justin has come to visit Carrickfergus, an old castle in Northern Ireland.

Friends: Caroline Churmi-Forbes, Jack Srinivas-Belton & Ross Bharata-Evans

Series 4: 2008 Edit

Series 4
Episode First broadcast Title Details
01/15 10 March 2008 Airport Justin and his friends, Rhys and Violet, visit Bembridge Airport on the Isle of Wight and fly in an aeroplane. They look for a helicopter, a fire engine and a pilot. Mr Tumble tries to fly, with some help from Granddad Tumble.
02/15 11 March 2008 City Justin and his friends George and Georgia head off to Manchester city centre. They look for a double-decker bus, some shops and a fountain. Mr Tumble has to put on the right shoes and coat before he can catch his bus. He misses the bus, but Aunt Polly gives him a ride to the city on her bike.
03/15 12 March 2008 Garden Centre Justin and his friends, Oscar and Muzzammil go to a garden centre. They look for a wheelbarrow, a yellow plant and flower pot. Mr Tumble looks for a hole to put his flower into. Lord Tumble is first introduced in this episode, playing golf.
04/15 13 March 2008 By the Sea Justin and his friends, Fehim and Violet, are by the sea in the Isle of Wight. They look for a chairlift (in Alum Bay), a lighthouse (on The Needles) and a game. They visit the lighthouse in a boat. Mr Tumble is a pirate looking for his treasure with some help from Granddad Tumble and Aunt Polly.
05/15 14 March 2008 Hospital Justin visits Sheffield Children's Hospital, where he sees Ciaran who is going to have an operation on his ear. They look for a nurse, some pyjamas, and some toast. Mr Tumble visits Grandad Tumble in hospital, bringing some presents with him.
06/15 17 March 2008 Houseboat Justin and his friends, Tobias and Lois, go boating in a houseboat on the Norfolk Broads. They look for a suitcase, a windmill (the Horning Windmill), and a duck. Mr Tumble tries to find a good place to put up his tent, but gets in the way of Aunt Polly and Grandad Tumble.
07/15 18 March 2008 Leisure Centre Justin and his friends, Chantelle, Amy and Molly, go to a Leisure centre. They look for a swimming pool, a float, and a bouncy castle. Mr Tumble takes part in a Sports day, competing with Aunt Polly for a throwing competition, Aunt Sukie for a bouncing competition and Grandpa Tumble for the egg and spoon race, with Lord Tumble acting as a judge. Mr Tumble fails to win a trophy, losing at all these events, but is given an egg cup for taking part.
08/15 19 March 2008 Animal Park Justin and his friends William, Stephie and Dylan visit an animal park on the Isle of Wight (Amazon World Zoo). They look for a snake, some fruit and vegetables and an owl. Mr Tumble look for his animal - he finds Aunt Sookie's duck and Lord Tumble's rabbit, and discovers that Granddad Tumble has his animal (a tiger).
09/15 20 March 2008 Playdate Justin and his friend Courtney go to visit Alfie and Frankie. They look for a sitting room, some stairs and a kitchen. They dance, play musical statues and make some sandwiches. Mr Tumble's cousin, Cool Tumble comes to visit and they play musical bumps, build dens and play Hide-and-seek.
10/15 21 March 2008 Animal Rescue Justin and his friends Tyreece, Casey and Jordan visit Trindledown Farm in Berkshire. They look for a spotty dog, a rabbit and a ginger cat. Mr Tumble looks after Aunt Sookie's dog.
11/15 24 March 2008 Bike Ride Justin and his friends Alfie and Frankie visit Bushy Park in West London to go on a bike ride. They look for a bicycle, a stream and a bench. Mr Tumble is pretending to be a postman, so he uses a bicycle to deliver parcels to Lord Tumble, Aunt Polly and Grandad Tumble.
12/15 25 March 2008 Creative Walk Justin and his friends Saracen, Isaac and Lauren go for a walk around a farm to get ideas for their big farm picture. They look for a sheep, a pig and a donkey. Mr Tumble paints a picture.
13/15 26 March 2008 Supermarket Justin and his friends Entesar and Adam go shopping at the supermarket (Asda). They look for a shopping trolley, a pineapple and some bowls. Mr Tumble brings his shopping home with help from Lord Tumble - but Lord Tumble puts things in the wrong places. At the start of the programme, Mr Tumble is seen in Frogmore, Devon.
14/15 27 March 2008 Butterfly Justin and his friends Toni Clarice and Poppy visit a Butterfly World, Isle of Wight. They look for a caterpillar, a red flower and a café. Mr Tumble tries to film a butterfly with his new video camera, but it keeps flying away - thanks to Grandad Tumble's tricks!
15/15 28 March 2008 Drive Justin and his friends, Felix, William and Jack travel on a school bus. They look for a school bus, a car wash and a playground. Mr Tumble cleans his car - using bubbles from Grandad Tumble's bath!

Series 5: 2008 Edit

Series 5
Episode First broadcast Title Details
01/21 3 Nov 2008 Nature Trail Justin, Amy and Sebastian look for teeny tiny creatures that live in a park, whilst Mr Tumble goes fishing with Big Teddy.
02/21 4 Nov 2008 Play Justin visits his friends at their playgroup and joins them having fun at the water table, sandpit and playing the parachute game. Meanwhile, Mr Tumble is playing some games of his own with Grandad Tumble and Lord Tumble.
03/21 5 Nov 2008 Sport Justin has a very sporty day with his friends Tyrone, Claire and Sophie. Whilst Aunt Polly, Lord Tumble and Grandad Tumble show Mr Tumble how to do his exercises.
04/21 6 Nov 2008 Island Justin and his friends Adam and Levi are visiting the Farne Islands by boat to see the seals. Mr Tumble is visiting his friend Fisherman Tumble and helping him get ready to go out on his fishing boat.
05/21 7 Nov 2008 Festival Justin has lots of fun dancing to a band at a music festival with his friend Jaya, while Grandad Tumble puts on a concert for Mr Tumble and the toys!
06/21 10 Nov 2008 London Justin has a day out in London with his friends Sabia, Mihad and Saqib. Meanwhile, Mr Tumble has lots of fun at home with his London Book.
07/21 11 Nov 2008 Art Justin visits his friends at their school and has lots of fun with paint, while Mr Tumble paints a surprise for Grandad Tumble.
08/21 12 Nov 2008 Baby Justin visits his friend Josh and helps him look after his baby sister Olivia for the day, while Mr Tumble gets ready for a very special baby visitor of his own.
09/21 13 Nov 2008 Village Fete Justin has a great day at a village fete with Kieran and Nick. Whilst Mr Tumble holds his own Village Fete for the toys!
10/21 14 Nov 2008 Big Animals Justin and his friends Danny and Grace visit a zoo and help the zoo keepers at feeding time. Justin helps shower a mummy elephant called Karishma and her three-week-old baby called George. Meanwhile, Mr Tumble has a very special job - cleaning out Harry the Hamster's cage. But who is looking after Harry?
11/21 17 Nov 2008 Music Justin and his friends perform The Hello Song to their friends Chloe, Calum, Jack, Ruby and Ashleigh. Meanwhile, Mr Tumble wants to be a pop star after watching his favourite singer Cliff Tumble on the TV.
12/21 18 Nov 2008 Strawberry Picking Justin goes strawberry picking with his friends, Jessica and Mason. Mr Tumble is very hungry and goes looking for fruit in the garden.
13/21 19 Nov 2008 Cooking Justin and his friends Faith, Julia and Kia are making a very special pudding called Mr Tumble Jumble. Mr Tumble is making something very special too - Grandad Tumbles lunch.
14/21 20 Nov 2008 Sleepover Justin and his friend Bobbi find out what it's like to have a sleepover. They unpack Bobbie's overnight bag, have a barbecue on the beach and finish up with a lovely drink of hot chocolate. Mr Tumble is having a sleepover of his own in his garden.
15/21 21 Nov 2008 Routines Justin spends the day with his friend Danny finding out what he does after school each day. Meanwhile, Mr Tumble shows us what he does before he goes to bed.
16/21 24 Nov 2008 Birthday Party Justin is attending a party with all his friends. There are games to play, party food to eat and music to dance to. Meanwhile, back at the Tumble house there's a party going on too - a surprise party for Lord Tumble.
17/21 25 Nov 2008 Shopping Justin and his friend Rithika spend the day shopping in Southall. Mr Tumble has asked them to look for a sari, some jewellery and some Indian sweets. Mr Tumble is doing his washing and needs to find some spare clothes to wear while it is drying.
18/21 26 Nov 2008 Cafe Justin and his friends Aaliyah, Jamie and Necip, go for lunch at a Cafe. Meanwhile, Mr Tumble opens his new Cafe and we are introduced to the all new Chef Tumble!
19/21 27 Nov 2008 Forest Art Justin joins Niamh, Dan and Ross in the Forest Of Dean to create some Forest Art. Meanwhile, Mr Tumble is in his forest looking for animals from inside his den!
20/21 28 Nov 2008 Park Justin and his friends Ryan, Cameron and Delise are having a lovely day at the park. They try out the rides, get lost in the maze and have a dragon boat race on the lake! Mr Tumble is trying to find a boat of his own to go on a sea adventure, but who will help him find one?
21/21 24 Dec 2008 A Christmas Special It's Christmas and Mr Tumble, Lord Tumble and Grandad Tumble are decorating the Tumble house.

Series 6: 2009 Edit

Series 6
Episode First broadcast Title Details
01/25 12 October 2009 Baking Mr Tumble bakes some delicious cakes and Chef Tumble wants to have a cooking competition with him... surely Mr Tumble can't win against a French chef? Justin is baking with his friends. He's gone round to their house to make some scrumdiddlyumptious biscuits.
02/25 13 October 2009 Music Justin puts on a show with his friends at their school. They dress up, act out and play along to Five in a Bed. The Tumbles are busy making music as well. Mr Tumble has made a stage and is organising a singing competition between Aunt Polly and Grandad Tumble. They have to choose their favourite nursery rhyme... but who will win?
03/25 14 October 2009 Shop for School It's back to school time and Justin meets a friend to buy a selection of things she will need. Mr Tumble is out and about as well. He wants to go cycling but crashes his pushbike. Luckily Grandad Tumble is there to lend a hand and fix the bike.
04/25 15 October 2009 Sensory Garden Justin goes to a magical garden with his friends to listen, smell and take a good look around. Mr Tumble plays a looking game - he's playing a game of I Spy and he wants everybody to join in.
05/25 16 October 2009 Space Mr Tumble wants to get to the moon, but he needs a rocket and a space suit. He can build a rocket, but where will he get a space suit from? Maybe the other Tumbles can help? Meanwhile, Justin is off to a space centre with his friend Om. They go on a journey into space as well.

Friend: Om Vimalan-McGrath

06/25 19 October 2009 Snow Mr Tumble wants to play in the snow. But it's not snowing outside and even Weatherman Tumble doesn't think it's going to snow for a while. Maybe Lord Tumble can help with a bit of magic. Justin has gone to a snow dome with his friends Josh and Elizabeth to play in the snow. It's very cold, so he must wrap up warm.
07/25 20 October 2009 Scouts Scout Tumble had come to stay. He's very good at camping and map reading and putting up flags, but what will he do when it starts to rain? Maybe Mr Tumble can help. Justin is off to meet a Beaver Scout Emily and join in with the fun, as well as helping the children earn a badge.
08/25 21 October 2009 Pet Shop Justin is off to a pet shop to help the children choose a pet for their school. They look at rabbits, fish and even a lizard. Mr Tumble is off to the shops to buy a bone for his pet dog, Chip, but he is not sure who is going to look after Chip while he's gone. Aunt Polly is happy to help!
09/25 22 October 2009 Rainy Day Mr Tumble wants to play in his paddling pool, but it's raining outside, so he decides to play a dressing-up game indoors instead. Justin is playing indoors with his friend as well. But the rain will soon stop and then they can both play outside.
10/25 23 October 2009 Allotment Mr Tumble has grown so many vegetables that he decides to go to the harbour to sell them. Justin visits his friend in their school garden where they grow lots of different things.
11/25 26 October 2009 Friends Mr Tumble is playing with his friend Lord Tumble. But Mr Tumble doesn't like losing and is very rude to Lord Tumble. Meanwhile, Justin has gone to meet two best friends and the three of them have the best day out together.
12/25 27 October 2009 Doctor Aunt Polly and Grandad Tumble are feeling poorly. It's lucky that Mr Tumble is pretending to be a doctor and is ready to lend a helping hand. Justin is off to the doctors today with his friend David. David is going for a check-up.
13/25 28 October 2009 Rugby Justin is off to rugby training, he's training with his little friends and the big boys as well. Mr Tumble is looking through a box of all different types of balls. There's a funny shaped one in there - it's Grandad Tumble's old rugby ball.
14/25 29 October 2009 Weekend Justin has gone to visit his friend to see what she likes to do on a Saturday. The Tumbles are getting together for lunch.
15/25 30 October 2009 Outside Lord Tumble is having a fancy dress party, all the Tumbles are invited, Mr. Tumble tries to dress like a king. Justin and his friends get ready for their own carnival party and parade.
16/25 2 November 2009[6] Pony Trekking Justin and his friends are out Pony Trekking in the New Forest. Mr Tumble wants to go out for a ride too but Lord Tumble and Grandad Tumble have other ideas.
17/25 3

November 2009

Getting Arty Justin and his friends put on a fashion show at their school. They're making brightly coloured T-shirts and beautiful bracelets. Mr Tumble is getting arty as well. He's taking photographs of Aunt Polly and Grandad Tumble.
18/25 4 November 2009 Wildlife Justin and his friends visit the British Wildlife Centre. Mr. Tumble tries to find a big bird in the garden.
19/25 5 November 2009 Trip Away Mr Tumble is busy getting ready for his holiday. He's packed his suitcase, got all the toys ready, he's even packed his spotty swimming trunks. But there's something very important he has forgotten. Justin is going on a trip to the seaside with his friends.
20/25 6 November 2009 Zookeeper Justin and his friends help out at the zoo, while Mr Tumble finds out what it's like to be an animal.
21/25 9

November 2009

Cars Justin and his friends visit a car museum, while Mr Tumble decides his car needs a makeover.
22/25 10

November 2009

Baby Animals Justin visits a farm with his friends to see lots of baby animals. Mr. Tumble tries to run a bakers shop.
23/25 11 November 2009 Yurts Mr Tumble is poorly, but Aunt Polly is looking after him.
24/25 12

November 2009

Adventure Justin and his friends go to an outdoor Adventure centre. Mr Tumble is warming up for a competition to find the strongest Tumble.
25/25 13 November 2009 Theme Park Justin and his friends Jack, Zach and Michael visit Paultons Family Theme Park and have fun on the rides. Mr. Tumble wants to ride a boat.

Series 7: 2010 Edit

Series 7[7]
Episode First broadcast Title Details
01/25 15 November 2010 Motor Home Mr Tumble is moving to his new home in Tumbleton! Justin is in a moving home too - he is with his friend Ethan. Ethan's grandparents have a home on wheels - a motor home! Where will they go for their day out? Where will they park the Motor Home? And what will they see?
02/25 16 November 2010 Concert Justin goes to see Victoria, Daisy and Lily Mae in York. They sing and sign in a choir. Justin joins in their practice. They are going to perform in a big concert! Meanwhile, Mr Tumble is busy organising a concert of his own in Tumble Terrace.
03/25 17 November 2010 Art Mr Tumble is painting a picture, but it's not simple! His friends keep moving the things he's painting! Justin, on the other hand, has a lot of fun with his friends making some great paintings - but they're not making them with paint brushes!
04/25 18 November 2010 Police Justin's friends Donald and Sajid are pretending to be police officers. They are really good at using the police radios and they look just like police officers in their big helmets. Mr Tumble is doing some detective work too. He is trying to find out what has happened to Grandad's carrots!
05/25 19 November 2010 Donkey Lord Tumble's not feeling very well. Luckily, Mr Tumble knows exactly what he needs - a bowl of tasty soup! Meanwhile, Justin and his friends are working very hard in the donkey sanctuary, caring for the donkeys.
06/25 22 November 2010 Gymnastics Justin visits a fun gymnastics club in Nantwich, and his friends Zak and Emma show him how to do star shapes on the trampoline and tuck shapes on the rings. Plus there's an obstacle course to race over! Meanwhile, Mr Tumble is causing some obstacles of his own as he searches high and low for his skipping rope.
07/25 23 November 2010 Chadani's Day Mr Tumble has the hiccups because he gobbled his food too quickly. Justin, on the other hand, is taking his time over a lovely meal with his friend Chadani. Plus, Chadani takes him to a very special place - her temple.
08/25 24 November 2010 Cheerleaders Justin joins the Birches Bears as they prepare for a very exciting showcase. The Birches Bears are a brilliant cheerleading team who sing and shout their support for their school. Aunt Polly and Lord Tumble are also supporters - at a football match in Tumbleton!
09/25 25 November 2010 Monkey Mr Tumble is trying to find his toy monkey. Justin, on the other hand, takes Evie and Thomas to Fota to see the monkeys.
10/25 26 November 2010 Waterpark Justin visits the Sandcastle Water Park with Holly-May and Alicia.
11/25 29 November 2010 Circus Mr Tumble and the Tumble Family are putting on a circus. Justin, on the other hand, goes to the circus with Jake and Luke.
12/25 30 November 2010 Ferry Justin takes Molly and Ben out on a ferry To Liverpool.
13/25 1 December 2010 Fishing Mr Tumble is going fishing with Fisherman Tumble. Justin, on the other hand, takes Isaac and Harry fishing too.
14/25 2 December 2010 Chocolate Mr Tumble is making a chocolate cake for Aunt Polly's birthday. Meanwhile, Justin and his friends, Abdul and Joshua make a chocolate cake too.
15/25 3 December 2010 Football Justin plays football with Lucas.
16/25 6 December 2010 Narrowboat Jessica and Daniel take Justin on a very special day out on a narrowboat.
17/25 7 December 2010 Ice Cream Justin is visiting an ice cream factory with May, Katie and Dara.
18/25 8 December 2010 My Pets Justin's friends, Amy, Emily and Grace, are showing him their pets.
19/25 9 December 2010 My Neighbourhood Justin and his friend, Maisy, are exploring her neighbourhood.
20/25 10 December 2010 Castle Mr Tumble is playing at being king.
21/25 13 December 2010 Birds Mr Tumble is going bird-watching.
22/25 14 December 2010 Outdoors Mr Tumble is playing games outdoors.
23/25 15 December 2010 Pottery Justin and his friends are doing pottery.
24/25 16 December 2010 Cycling Mr Tumble is going cycling.
25/25 17 December 2010 Ceilidh Justin is going with Freya, Anna and Daniel to a ceilidh.

Series 8: 2011 Edit

Series 8
Episode First broadcast Title Details
01/25 14 February 2011 Pig Washing Justin and his friends are on the farm cleaning a very muddy pig.
02/25 15 February 2011 Snow Tubing Justin and his friends are having fun snow tubing, while Mr Tumble is trying to cool down.
03/25 16 February 2011 Fire Station Justin and his new friend visit a fire station while Mr Tumble waters his plants.
04/25 17 February 2011 Dance Justin and his friends are having fun dancing, while Mr Tumble is outside getting sporty!
05/25 18 February 2011 Boat Trip Justin and his friends head off on a boat trip, while Mr Tumble has a new rowing boat!
06/25 21 February 2011 Horse Riding By the Sea Justin and his new friend go on a special horse ride. Mr Tumble goes on a pirate journey.
07/25 22 February 2011 Post Office Justin and his friends are making and posting greeting cards.
08/25 23 February 2011 Train Justin and friends are going on a train journey and Mr Tumble is playing with a toy train.
09/25 24 February 2011 Camping Justin and his friends are going camping. Mr Tumble wants to go camping, but it's raining.
10/25 25 February 2011 Wildlife Park Justin and his friends feed animals at a wildlife park and Mr Tumble makes animal masks!
11/25 28 February 2011 Seven Stories Justin and his friends are exploring a story centre, whilst Mr Tumble is getting ready for a special tea party!
12/25 1 March 2011 Sport Justin and his friends have fun outside at a sports centre, while Mr Tumble, Grandad and Lord Tumble have sporty indoor fun!
13/25 2 March 2011 Hats Justin and his friends are at a hat museum, whilst Mr Tumble is trying out some tricks with a magic hat.
14/25 3 March 2011 Dog Walking Justin and his friend are looking after two pet dogs, whilst Mr Tumble is getting ready for Aunt Polly's animal show!
15/25 4 March 2011 Adventure Playground Justin and his friends have fun at the playground, whilst Mr Tumble explores with his binoculars.
16/25 7 March 2011 Aquarium Justin and his friends explore an aquarium, while Mr Tumble has a new pet!
17/25 8 March 2011 Cafe Justin and his friends are visiting a cafe, while Mr Tumble and Aunt Polly are getting ready for a trifle competition.
18/25 9 March 2011 Music Justin and his friends are having fun at a music centre, while Mr Tumble is trying out lots of musical instruments!
19/25 10 March 2011 Fruit and Veg Picking Justin and his friends are at a fruit-and-vegetable farm, while Mr Tumble is getting ready to go on a picnic.
20/25 11 March 2011 Farm Justin and his friends are visiting some animals on a farm, while Mr Tumble is doing lots of jobs for Lord Tumble.
21/25 14 March 2011 Planetarium Justin and his friends explore a planetarium, and Mr Tumble explores with his telescope!
22/25 15 March 2011 Beach Justin and his friends are having fun at the beach, while Mr Tumble is making a telephone!
23/25 16 March 2011 Shopping Justin and his friends go on a trip to the shops, while Mr Tumble sets up his own shop.
24/25 17 March 2011 Cookery Justin and his friends are making pizzas, while Mr Tumble wants to make a carrot cake.
25/25 18 March 2011 Wetlands Centre Justin and his friends look for creatures and Mr Tumble looks for something spotty!

Series 9: 2012 Edit

Series 9
Episode First broadcast Title Details
01/25 9 January 2012 Party Mr Tumble is getting ready for a special birthday party - but whose birthday is it? Meanwhile, Justin and lots of party guests are in for a big surprise.
02/25 10 January 2012 Counting Mr Tumble is counting fish with Fisherman Tumble, while Justin and his friends are counting animals at a wildlife park.
03/25 11 January 2012 Wet and Dry Today it is raining inside Mr Tumble's house. Meanwhile, Justin and his friends are having lots of fun playing with water and sand.
04/25 12 January 2012 Imagination Mr Tumble pretends to be a doctor, while Justin and friends imagine they are pirates.
05/25 13 January 2012 Bedtime Mr Tumble wants a bedtime story, while Justin has a bedtime adventure with his friends.
06/25 16

January 2012

Growing Mr Tumble waters some vegetables, while Justin and his friends have fun gardening.
07/25 17 January 2012 Family Mr Tumble takes a family photograph, while Justin spends the day with a family.
08/25 18 January 2012 In & Out Mr Tumble plays hide and seek with his toys, while Justin and his friends play inside and outside.
09/25 19 January 2012 Colours Mr Tumble paints a rainbow, while Justin and his friends put on a show at a theatre!
10/25 20 January 2012 Breakfast Mr Tumble makes breakfast for Tumble Ted. Meanwhile, Justin and his friends are collecting eggs for their breakfast.
11/25 23 January 2012 Animals Mr Tumble has fun with horses and Justin visits a farm where they spend the day with miniature ponies.
12/25 24 January 2012 Adventure Mr Tumble has an adventure at the bottom of his garden and Justin and friends look for animals, and go climbing and grass sledging.
13/25 25 January 2012 Up and Down Mr Tumble and Grandad Tumble go up and down on a see-saw, while Justin and his friends have fun at the seaside and go up and down on a cliff lift.
14/25 26 January 2012 Happy Mr Tumble is feeling sad because he has lost Tumble Ted. Justin and his friend are feeling very happy - playing music, dressing up and dancing with their friends.
15/25 27 January 2012 Lunchtime It is midday and Mr Tumble wants to eat outside. Meanwhile, Justin and his friends go shopping for their lunchtime picnic.
16/25 30 January 2012 Vehicles Mr Tumble goes on a surprise bus journey with his family. Meanwhile, Justin and his friends head on a boat adventure.
17/25 31 January 2012 Weather Mr Tumble is helping Aunt Polly to dry her washing but the weather keeps changing. Meanwhile, Justin and his friends are enjoying different types of weather inside and outside.
18/25 1 February 2012 Quiet and Loud Mr Tumble tries to be quiet as Grandad Tumble has a nap, while Justin and his friends do some quiet and loud dancing.
19/25 2 February 2012 Recycling Mr Tumble tidies his bedroom. Meanwhile, Justin and his friends play in a recycling band!
20/25 3 February 2012 Teatime Mr Tumble invites Lord Tumble and Aunt Polly for tea. Meanwhile, Justin has been asked to a Caribbean restaurant for his supper.
21/25 6 February 2012 Summer Mr Tumble holds a swimming gala, while Justin and his friends enjoy summer at the seaside.
22/25 7 February 2012 Hobbies Mr Tumble looks for a hobby, while Justin meets a friend who plays powerchair football.
23/25 8 February 2012 Big and Small Mr Tumble goes to Chef Tumble's restaurant where everything is either too big or too small, while Justin and his friends visit a model village.
24/25 9 February 2012 Pets Mr Tumble looks for his pet dog's squeaky toy bone and Justin spends the day with his friends and their pet dogs.
25/25 10 February 2012 Friends Mr Tumble visits Baker Tumble's bakery. Meanwhile, Justin spends the day with two best friends who love to bake cakes together.