Show Me Show Me is a children's television series produced by BBC and aired by CBeebies.

Premise Edit

In a playhouse in the sky (a park in later seasons), Chris and Pui live and play with their toys. Each one of them has a story to tell, and each child has something they want to see.

Presenters Edit

  • Chris (Chris Jarvis)
  • Pui (Pui Fan Lee)

The Toys Edit

  • Stuffy: A yellow plush cube. He talks with a deep voice.
  • Teddington: A teddy bear who wears a green vest, and acts like a gentleman.
  • Tom: A ragdoll boy with brown messy hair who loves adventures.
  • Momobot (or Momo): A robot girl who loves anything cute. She wears a blue and white suit and a blue helmet which holds her circuitry-like hair in pigtails.
  • Miss Mouse: A small toy mouse, she is prim and gentle.