Something Special has made merchandise featuring Mr Tumble. No Justin allowed (despite the fact Justin is Mr Tumble!)



  • Mr Tumble plush
  • Mr Tumble activity talking plush toy (4 sizes)

    A Mr Tumble plush.

  • Something Special Magazine free plush


  • Pick n Match Pairs game
  • Slide n Find Menory game
  • Dress Mr Tumble Felt board
  • Shaped Jigsaws

Other toysEdit

  • Picnic set
  • Toy phone
  • Umbrella


  • Time for Mr. Tumble
  • Mr. Tumble and Friends!
  • Mr. Tumble and Me
  • Out and About
  • Exploring with Mr. Tumble
  • Where Are You Now, Mr. Tumble?
  • Hello Mr Tumble!
  • How Are You Mr. Tumble?


  • Despatch bag
  • Spotty bag
  • Red backpack
  • Blue backpack
  • Swimbag
  • Wheeled bag
  • Trainer bag


  • Something Special Magazine
  • Mr Tumble's Hide-and-Seek
  • Mr Tumble's Sticker Scene
  • Mr Tumble's Funny Faces

Funky Pigeon greeting cardsEdit

Mr Tumble has his own line of greeting cards which can be personalised and purchased here

  • Thumbs up
  • Grandad Tumble
  • Arms crossed

    One of the Funky Pigeon Mr Tumble cards.

  • Aunt Polly
  • Lord Tumble (blue/pink)
  • Waving
  • Hands

There is also Mr Tumble cards which come with badges, and Funky Pigeon cards without personalisation. The picture of the recipent is replaced by Mr Tumble. They can be purchased from