Voices of Elliot Kerley
Trystan Tomos Thurtle
Mark Rylance
Number of Series 1
Number of Episodes 78
Executive producer(s) Lucy Murphy Philip Bergkvist Howard Litton
Producer(s) Mikael Shields
Running time 7 minutes
Production companies Acamar Films

Brown Bag Films Tandem Films Digitales Studios

Original release 9 June 2014 – 20 May 2015

Bing is an animated series broadcast by CBeebies. It first aired on June 2014.

The series shows the "mishaps, mess, energy and wonder of being a relatively new human being". The programme focuses on real-life situations experienced by many toddlers and their parents. At the end, Bing summarizes what he has learnt in the episode, with Flop intoning "It's a Bing thing".

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