Balamory was a live-action children's television series broadcast by CBeebies in 2004.

Premise Edit

It is set in the eponymous fictional Scottish town of Balamory, inhabited by a variety of characters, each with a different occupation.

Characters Edit

  • Miss Hoolie (played by Julie Wilson): The teacher at the nursery. She acts as the narrator.
  • Archie (played by Miles Jupp): A builder and inventor who lives in a castle.
  • Josie Jump (played by Buki Akib (series 1-2)

Kasia Haddad (Series 3–4)): A physical instructor.

  • Penny Pocket (played by Kim Tserkezie): A shop owner who solves problems.
  • Suzie Sweet (played by Mary Riggans): A cafeteria owner.
  • PC Plum (played by Andrew Agnew): A police officer who rides his bike.
  • Edie McCredie (played by Juliet Cadzow) A bus driver.

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